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1. Why should you engage our service?


We provide selected, qualified FDWs to all our employers backed by experiences personnel in documentation and processing at all level in the Ministry of Manpower.


2. Are you a Licensed Maid Agency?


Yes. We are registered and licensed by the Singapore Ministry of Manpower since 1997.


3. Are you an accredited Agency?


Yes we are accredited with the Association of Employment Agencies of Singapore.


4. How long does it take to get a maid from overseas?


If the application of the work permit is in order, it will usually takes between about 2 weeks for the maids to come in.


5. What is Employer Orientation Course?


All First Time Employers are required to attend the EOP before they can take a maid. The EOP can be conducted in classes or online. Only Employer with special cases are allow to be exempted by MOM. For full details, please contact us at 90021162.


6. What is maid levy and how much?


All employers needs to pay the maid levy , which is a kind of monthly tax, to the government for employing every single maid here. The standard levy is $300 per month ( Jan 2019) and $ 60 per month (for employer with young children below 12 years of age or elderly above 65 years old) payable to the CPF Board which collects the levy on behalf of MOM.


7. What is the security bond and how much?


You are required to post a security bond of $ 5000 for your maid with MOM. If you fail to repatriate the maid after cancellation of her work permit, you risk losing the $ 5000 security bond Employers are responsible to repatriate the maid under them unless she is transferred or renewed.


8. What is the personal Accident Insurance?


Employers need to purchase a Personal Accident Insurance policy with a minimum coverage of $60,000 before the maid can come to Singapore to start work for them.


9. Do maid need to undergo medical check ups and how often?


Yes, she must be examined by a certified medical institution within 14 days upon arrival and deem fit in order to work for the employer. If she fails, she will need to be repatriated. She must also undergo six monthly medical screening for VDRL, pregnancy and HIV.


10. Who bears the responsibility for the medical expenses of the maid?


Employers are liable to pay the full cost of the medical expenses, including hospitalization. MOM regulation requires the employer to purchase insurance covering a minimum of $15,000 for hospitalization cost for 2 years..


11. What are the criteria to claim tax relief for the maid levy?


You may be eligible for tax relief if you meet any of the following conditions:

  • you are married woman and has elected for separate assessment.

  • you are married and your husband is not resident in Singapore.

  • you are separated or divorced or widowed and living with your unmarried child for whom you can claim child relief.

12. How do my maid remit money to her home country?


Your maid would like to send her salary back to her family regularly. Who must engage remittance services such as the local banks or Western Union or some of the remittance companies around.


13. Maid went missing?


You should cancel her work permit immediately to stop the levy payment. You are then given 1 month to locate and repatriate her. Otherwise you risk losing the $5000 Security Deposit.


14. Maid got pregnant?


You must repatriate her immediately.


15. Can I employ a FDW on part time basis?


MOM regulation does not allow the part-time employment of FDW.


16. What is employer's responsibility?

  • To pay her salary on a timely basis

  • To provide adequate food and lodging

  • To provide medical care

  • To provide a safe working environment

  • To provide for her welfare

  • To treat her with due respect.

17. Can I terminate her contract before it expire?


Yes you can , you will need to give her 7 days notice and purchase an air ticket to send her home if she wishes. However if she express her desire to continue working here, you must allow her 30 days to seek employment elsewhere and to be transfer. If you do not, then you are liable for both her air ticket as well as any placement fee still outstanding.


18. Can the maid refuse to work for us?


Yes , the Standard Contract by MOM allows the maid to terminate her employment with you by giving you 7 days notice and if she desire to continue working here, you should allow her 21 days to be transfer to another employer. If you do not, then you will be liable for her air ticket home . Under MOM standard guideline, Employers are responsible for the maid repatriation cost irregardless of the reason for termination by either parties.