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 Profile of Foreign Domestic Worker :
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Name : Chaw Su Hlaing
Age : 27 years old
Height : 1.60m
Weight : 43 Kgs
Nationality : Myanmar
Religion : Buddhist
Education Level : University
Number of Sibling : 1 Brother and 1 Sister
Marital Status : Single
Number of Children : Nil
Physical Disabilities : Nil
Dietary Restriction : Nil
Basic Salary : $550
Off Days Required : 2 per month
Full Salary with 2 Off days : $600
Placement Fee : $ 1500

Working Experience

: 4 years

 Skill of Foreign Domestic Worker :





 English Language    
 Chinese Language    
 Baby Care ( 0-4 years old )    
 Childcare ( 5 years old & up )    
 Elderly Care    
 Care for Disabled    
 Care of Pets    
 Comments :
Chaw Su Hlaing is a direct and straightforward girl with good experience in elder and disabled care. She does not have any experience in baby or child care in her previous working experience of 4 years here and thus she preferred to care for elderly or disabled only. Her English is good and knows a few words of Hockkien. She is most suitable for family that requires an assistance in caring for elderly or disabled with minimum supervision